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Chocolate Consumption Could Improve Cognitive Function

Daily intake of cocoa or chocolate could improve cognitive performance, especially in vulnerable populations such as the elderly, according to a recent review of literature on the topic. — Frontiers in Nutrition Journal

Want another reason to eat more chocolate? I stumbled upon this article during my daily trade journal reading. The key word is COULD improve, and like the article says, we have to balance the eating of chocolate with the potential side effects of too much caffeine and weight gain. The study of cocoa as a nutraceutical tool is in its preliminary stages and certainly needs further investigation. Future research will be required to learn more about dosing, timing and form of flavanol intervention. Knowledge is power and chocolate, with proper moderation, may help you have your chocolate cake and eat it, too!

AND just in case you eat too much cake or just plain want to be stronger, go online and adopt this fitness workout. It will change your life!

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