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When elders enter health care systems things can get very confusing, very quickly. It is often difficult for families to sort out what is needed and figure out how to talk to Mom or Dad about life transitions.  We listen to your situation and help you HAVE THE CONVERSATION with family members.

If your family is sensing the need to HAVE THE CONVERSATION about life/elder care management, we are available for a confidential conversation about how RS Consulting can help. Complete this form or call us at (603) 733-6072 to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

My parents have complex needs, and I live far away. How can you help?
RS Consulting specializes in handling this type of situation. We often serve as “local eyes and ears” for adult children who cannot physically be there. This may include accompanying patients to doctor’s visits, managing communication between multiple providers and caregivers, visiting patients in the home or residential community.

How quickly can you help find my parents other living options?
This is an area where RS Consulting most often helps families. Finding a compatible community on short notice can be a challenge, especially for patients with dementia. We have experience in navigating senior living care options, as well as the requirements of different types of residential options.

We need help in understanding if Medicare or Medicaid is an option, or if other programs are available?
We are able to help you understand what Medicare and Medicaid covers. These options vary depending on your financial situation and the type of medical need and help you understand how to make the best decisions now that affect your options down the road. RS Consulting is experienced in identifying various types of payor sources such as Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and long-term care insurance, to offset the cost of care.

Is aging in place an option?
Yes, aging in place is an option to be explored and discussed. There are many factors to review in exploring this approach such as the patient’s physical and mental condition, the availability, proximity and accessibility of local services, and the physical environment in the home to name a few. We often work with families to determine the best age-in-place strategy. 

We have bills from several providers and I’m not sure which ones I should pay. Can you help?
Aging patients will have five or more providers. Bills can be confusing. We can review bills with you to help you understand what is covered and what is not, and help coordinate medical records between providers so that all providers are working with the same information so that families have accurate, up-to-date information about the care of their loved ones. 

Do you accept insurance for your services?
Because RS Consulting works in direct service to the client and their family, our services are private pay. We will not be beholden to or influenced by any outside entities. We have no contracts with insurance companies, we accept no reimbursements for “move-ins” at a community, and we are not obligated to work with particular medical groups or hospitals. We work for YOU!

Respectful Life/Elder Care Management

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