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CONSULTATION: You may engage us at an hourly rate for consultation regarding your situation. This popular option is available within an ongoing case, or in many instances is used to extend the Free Initial Consultation to fully discuss what may be needed to assist you or your loved one.

CONTINUED SERVICES: These services occur beyond the Assessment, Assessment and Plan or follow a Consultation. We can help during times of acute need or be available on an ongoing basis to help with navigate through various health care of life care transitions. Once the assessment is completed we are able proceed immediately in serving you and your loved one through whatever situations.

OFF-HOUR SERVICES: As the name suggests these services are delivered during an acute situation, with short notice or during non-business hours. We can only provide this service if we are able to meet your immediate need. If not, we will refer you to other options.

GETTING STARTED: Signatures will be required by the authorized party on an Agreement For Services and HIPAA Consent for Release of Information so that we may obtain information and work on behalf of the Client and family. We may collect insurance and income information or a current list of medications, etc. at this time.

We offer flexible ways to meet with Clients (and/or family) in the residence, community, or at the hospital. If family members do not live locally, we can participate via conference call. The best results frequently come from open communications and combined efforts!

We will be as flexible as possible and always work under your authorization. As your advocate, we promise to always communicate, adapt to new situations and be innovative.

Please contact us for rates.

Our Services

  • Assist organizations with implementing special projects.

  • Help organizations understand the supports seniors need in new housing environments and continuum of care options.

  • Provide project management and assistance in securing funding.

  • Help seniors and their families with life care transitions.


  • Can improve the way an organization approaches a business venture.

  • Help organizations develop strategies and achieve goals.

  • Help organizations gain the competitive edge.

  • ​We bring our experience to bear as you navigate health care services.

Hourly Services

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